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This Seasons Silent Saturday is September 28th 2019!


What is Silent Saturday

Silent Saturday (U6 through U19 Divisions)

"Silent Saturday" is ONE DAY out of the schedule in which parents, coaches and spectators are not allowed to talk or cheer during the game. This may sound like a radical idea, but the program has been met with huge success all over the country, in both small and large soccer clubs, including AYSO. Oftentimes, it is the kids themselves who express the most positive feedback. 

The vast majority of feedback regarding Silent Saturdays is very positive. Coaches comment on how well their players communicate on the field, something that seldom gets noticed in all of the extra noise of typical game days. Many kids say they can concentrate more; some say they like not having their parents yell at them if they "mess up." Kids are happy that their parents made signs and banners with their names on them. They like being able to make decisions (who takes the ball out; who does the goal kick, etc.). Remember - kids go out on the playground every day and play soccer, baseball and basketball without help or cheers from the sidelines.

Objectives of Silent Saturday

  • To foster leadership skills among the individual players as they have the unique opportunity of giving (your) instruction on the field.
  • To foster a sense of true teamwork as the players must learn to rely upon one another and communicate with each other accordingly.
  • To give players a chance to trust their skills and instincts without sideline input, and without concern that their mistakes will be corrected from the sidelines in a game environment.
  • To support our youth referees by inspiring confidence in a game atmosphere without sideline commentary.
  • To remind coaches, parents, and players that PRACTICE is the time for instruction. Games are the showcases for learning.
  • To remind everyone that youth soccer is primarily for the purpose of kids playing, learning and having fun.

Silent Saturday Rules

  • Silent Saturday does not apply to the U5/Jamboree or VIP divisions. All other divisions (U6 through U14) must observe the rules of Silence of the day.
  • Clapping IS allowed 
  • No one except the referee and the players are allowed to talk during the game.
  • The coaches may only quietly talk to their players on the sideline during substitution breaks (quarters), at halftime, and before their game. 
  • Parents and spectators will remain quiet for the duration of the game. Those found talking, cheering, or making any verbal noise will be asked to leave the area of the field after being given a warning.

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