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Each U10 and older game requires an AYSO-certified three-person referee crew on the field. The crew consisting of a referee and two assistant referees. In the event that one or both assistant referees are not available, the home-team coach should provide club linesmen, whose job is to call when the ball crosses the touchline. 

All referees need to register as volunteers every year. Most certifications only need to be taken once, but a few may need bi-annual or yearly reviews.

Becoming a certified referee

To become a referee, follow the steps on the Referee Registration page; in short: register, complete the webinars, and attend an in-person field session at Sea Cloud Park. Dates for in-person training will be posted during the summer.

For questions or comments about the referee program please contact us at [email protected]

Scheduling and FAQ for 10U-14U matches

10U, 12U, and 14U referees use to schedule games. The minimum badge level for 10U and 12U matches is Regional; for 14U is Intermediate.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I be the referee for my child's match?
    • The policy in 10U and above is that a parent should NOT referee their own child’s game unless: (1) no referee signs up for the game, or (2) the scheduled referee is a no‐show, or (3) the assigned referee cannot complete the game. The trained and certified parent may be asked to be the referee by the referee coordinators.
    • We have many matches available and are always needing referees to volunteer. It is typical for referees to sign up for a match before or after their child’s match so they can watch their child play.
    • We also encourage referees to sign up for at least 2 matches over the season.
  2. Can I be the Assistant Referee for my child’s match?
    • Yes. The parent should mention the team affiliation to the Referee before the match.
  3. Can Referees or Assistant Referees provide coaching advice when officiating the match?
    • No. The referee may relieve ARs from their duties if they are coaching while refereeing.
  4. Are jewelry, taped earrings, or hard casts allowed?
    • No player may wear jewelry, earrings (taped or not), or hard casts during the match. These are considered dangerous for all players.
  5. Are Med‐Alert bracelets allowed?
  6. Where should the coaches be during the match?
    • In their respective technical area, at least 1 yard away from the touchline, between 1 yard and 10 yards from the halfway line.
    • Coaches are not to follow the play from goal line to goal line.
  7. Where should the spectators be during the match?
    • Spectators should remain on their side of the field and not to be behind the goal line or goals.
    • Coaches are responsible of addressing misbehavior by the audience.
  8. What are the specific rules for each category?

Refereeing U16 and older categories

16U and older categories use to schedule games. The minimum badge level for these games is Advanced, although U18 games strongly prefers referees with National badge.

Keeping updated

Keeping your knowledge updated is a key part of being a good referee:

  1. Download the IFAB app and periodically review the laws or check their daily Q&A 
  2. Review the latest Changes to the Laws of the Game or check our YouTube video on Changes to the Laws of the Game since 2019/2020.
    • The video focuses on the most relevant changes and clarifications of the 32 changes in the last couple years.

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